Why Slit-Seeding Could Be the Right Option For Your Frederick, MD Lawn


Just like all living things, your lawn can become ill, fatigued, and worn out. Various factors take a toll on your grass, such as drought, heat, weeds, excessive foot traffic, and lawn equipment, making your turf appear thinner and weak. Here in Frederick, Maryland, where we have mostly cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue, fall is the perfect time to rejuvenate and uplift your lawn. One method that is often overlooked is slice-seeding. A quick way to revitalize your yard, slice-seeding is sometimes the more preferred method of choice and often a better option.

Also known as slit seeding, there are other benefits to utilizing slice seeding. Royal Greens explains what they are below and how you can utilize this service for your Maryland property.

What Is Slit Seeding?

Slit seeding involves the use of a machine called a slice seeder that has sharp blades on it used to cut into the soil. Creating furrows, or what is known in gardening as a long, narrow trench, slit seeding drops the grass seed into the ground evenly. These slits allow grass seed to drop below the surface of the ground, increasing the chances and ease of seed germination. Like aeration, slit seeding is perfect for breaking through thick layers of dead grass, old roots, and other compacted organic matter. While overseeding your lawn has its benefits, it may not give you the type of benefits you are looking for. Much of the seeds during overseeding never even permeate the soil. With slit seeding, all bare spots are filled giving you a healthy, thick lawn. Other advantages of using this method include:

Benefit One: Slit Seeding Provides a Faster Germination Rate

With slice seeding, the rate at which germination occurs is much faster. This is because the seeds have direct contact with the soil. The seed to soil contact allows for fast transfer of water and nutrients from the soil to the root. Regular seeding doesn’t ensure the seeds directly contact the soil. The seed slicer machine can be adjusted based on the type of seed. Each seed is then measured so that the grass seed is distributed evenly across the area.

Benefit Two: Slice Seeding Creates the Perfect Seeding Spot

The slice seeder machine slices into the soil to create what are called furrows. Furrows are deep, and their depths can be customized according to seed. This means that you can pick exactly where on your turf you want each seed to be deposited.

Benefit Three: It is More Cost-Effective

Slice seeding is a less costly option than overseeding, sod, or artificial turf and a relatively inexpensive option.

Benefit Four: Displacement of Seeds Is No Longer an Issue

When planting grass seeds, they can easily be displaced by birds and other wildlife. Winds, rain, and other weather elements can transport your seeds to other yards away from where you want your grass to grow. Slice-seeding avoids this problem because once the perfect depth for your seeds is determined, they immediately touch the soil.

Benefit Five: More Diversity

With slit-seeding, you can choose whatever blend of seeds you would like to use. This is good for properties with lots of shade vs. sun, difficult soil, or other tough conditions. With the help of Royal Greens, you can choose the best blend of turf types to fit your property’s needs.

Benefit Six: Greater Disease Resistance Than Sod

Anytime you plant a single variety of one plant, such as in the case with sod, there is a greater chance for widespread disease. Blending different types of turf together will help combat diseases and pest infestations down the line.

When Is the Best Time to Slit-Seed Your Frederick, Maryland Lawn

Regardless of which method of seeding one chooses, here in Frederick, Maryland, with our cool-season grasses, fall is a great time to seed your lawn. The soil is still warm, and the air is cool. There’s moisture in the air. It is the perfect environment for grass seeds to germinate and take root.

Revitalize Your Lawn Today With Royal Greens Professional Slit Seeding Service

Now is the time to revitalize your lawn. Contact the professionals at Royal Greens. We are your local, family-owned professionals for all your lawn and landscaping needs, including slit seeding. Our high-quality grade slit seeding service will help fill in those bare spots, facilitate growth, improve your lawn’s health and give you back that thick, lush lawn you once had or always wanted.

Serving all of the Frederick and surrounding areas for over 20 years, we also offer several lawn care packages, including organic, mosquito control and tick control, perimeter pest control, and more. Learn more about our slit seeding and other services by visiting our website now, contacting us online, or calling us directly. You can reach us at 301-683-5371.

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