Is Organic Lawn Care the Right Decision For You?


With today’s ever-changing climate and desire to do more for the environment, there has been much talk about the effects of lawn chemicals on the environment, our waterways, and pollinators. As a result, many residents have taken it upon themselves to change to a more natural or organic way of maintaining their lawn. But, is it the right decision for you? That depends on a variety of factors, including how you want your lawn to look, your geographic location, the laws within your city, whether or not you have pets and/or kids, and your basic personal preference.

Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care Service out of Frederick, Maryland, offers several different lawn care programs. Our customized solutions include several programs that offer traditional lawn care with synthetic fertilizers and weed control. Our organic lawn care programs utilize carbon-enriched fertilizers, root-enhancing, and soil-building materials. They contain no weed control. However, spot treatment of weeds can be purchased in addition.

This article is intended to help you determine if traditional or organic lawn care is right for you. Let’s start with the basics.

What is the Difference Between Synthetic Lawn Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers

Synthetic lawn fertilizers contain chemicals manufactured and typically include one or more combinations of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, also known as N-P-K. This is what most lawn care professionals consider the essential nutrients necessary for optimal plant growth.

Organic lawn fertilizer is derived directly from plant or animal waste. Examples of organic fertilizers include manure, compost, and bone meal. While it can also contain highly processed products with a compost manure base, in general, organic fertilizers contain fewer amounts of N-P-K than synthetic kinds.

How Do Organic Fertilizers Work

Organic lawn fertilizers work by breaking down and releasing nutrients. This occurs over a fairly long period of time and as it does, it adds microorganisms into your soil as nutrients decompose. This ultimately builds the quality and textures of your soil, contributing to your grass’s health. They also improve the soil’s water retention.

Organic Vs. Synthetic, Which is Better

Whether or not organic fertilizer is better than synthetic has long been debated among lawn care experts. Those who advocate on behalf of organic fertilizers say yes, it is safer for the environment, your loved ones, and pets. It is also more beneficial to your lawn overall. Those who disagree say it’s more costly, time-consuming, and harder to control lawn surface insects. More importantly, there are currently no good organic weed control products on the market. Therefore, those not in favor of organic fertilizers say that some chemicals are necessary for residents and businesses in the Frederick area who want a weed-free lawn.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Let’s talk about the benefits of organic lawn care for a minute. What are they?

Stronger Root Health
Since their nutrients are ready to use when immediately mixed into the soil, some synthetic fertilizers may cause plant damage to the leaves and roots. On the other hand, organic fertilizers release their nutrients into the ground much slower, making it less likely that you will overfeed or burn your plants. This is because organic fertilizers must be broken down first by the soil’s bacteria and fungi into smaller forms that plants can absorb. 

Better Soil Health
Royal Greens utilizes an organic fertilizer that is carbon-rich because it is the best mineral for getting your soil in peak health. There are several benefits to using a carbon-based fertilizer. These are not limited to but include:

  • Carbon-based fertilizers can also serve as a guard against any waterborne pollutants that come into your soil.
  • The use of a carbon-based fertilizer heightens aeration and allows for the nutrients to be protected from pests attempting to steal their nutrients away.
  • You may not have to balance the pH levels as often.
  • It increases microbial activity within your grass.

No Long-Term Health Effects
Numerous studies have been done on the chemicals in synthetic fertilizers and their effect on humans and dogs. While the verdict is still out, many believe that the chemicals used can cause numerous long-term health problems, including different cancers, nervous system disorders, and other illnesses. In addition, things that are toxic to weeds and pests are often harmful to humans as well.  Organic fertilizers only contain natural ingredients and allow you to get back to enjoying your lawn safely and quickly.

Your yard isn’t just a part of your property. It is a part of a larger ecosystem. How you take care of it impacts not just your home but your community as well. The products you treat your lawn with are ultimately absorbed through the soil and eventually leach into your area’s groundwater supply. Up to 60 percent of the nitrogen in commercial fertilizers ends up being washed away. This can also kill off beneficial microorganisms that live in the dirt. Organic fertilizers do not run off as easily and almost always have only biodegradable elements. 

Get Help! Contact the Professionals at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care

So, what are you, as a Frederick home or business owner, to do? We’ve given you a lot to think about, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact the professionals at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care. Our knowledgeable and trained technicians can meet with you, discuss our various lawn care options and help you determine which program is suitable for your lawn and family. You can learn more about our different lawn care programs, including traditional and organic, by visiting our website’s lawn care package page. Or you can contact us by phone at 301-683-5371 or right here online. We are looking forward to hearing from and helping you.

Live in Montgomery County? Then you may be confused by the different laws governing this county regarding lawn care. Royal Greens has you covered. We have extensive experience working within the county, are familiar with the laws, and will make sure your home or business has a lush, green lawn while adhering to your county’s rules.

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