If you’re looking to keep your lawn healthy and green, and your home pest-free, look no further! Here at Royal Greens, we offer the best, most effective lawn care and pest control treatment programs in the Central Maryland area, all executed by the friendliest technicians. We take our lawn care and pest control one step further, and have designed our plans to result in healthy turf that helps to improve the overall environment. Keeping your home and the central Maryland region at its best is our top priority and is why we have adopted the motto healthy turf = healthy earth!

Lawn Care Services

Do you crave a healthy, green lawn without having to put in all the hard work? Our lawn care services in Central Maryland are designed to keep your turf healthy from the soil up, all while you sit back and relax!


If you want improved results from your normal lawn care program, our aeration service is your answer. This 100% organic treatment gives your soil the porous composition it needs to develop…

Slit Seeding

Does your lawn look bare or lifeless?
Our slit seeding services are designed to advance the health and beauty of your lawn by facilitating the growth of fresh, new grass. We utilize first-class machinery…

Tree and Shrub Care

We understand that ornamental trees and shrubs represent a large investment of your time and money. We also know the value these ornamentals bring to your property, so our expert technicians will keep them…

Termite Control

Do you have creepy crawlers making their way into your home? Protect your family and home today with a protective barrier to keep pests out! Each year, termites infest more than 4 million homes in the United States…

Mosquito & Tick Control

Don’t let mosquitoes push your family fun indoors. Enjoy your yard again with our four-treatment mosquito control in Central Maryland that treats for current problems and eliminates breeding areas…


Want to improve the curb appeal of your lawn and become the envy of the neighborhood? When you opt for Royal Greens’ comprehensive lawn care program, that’s exactly what happens.

Outdoor Pest Control

Did you know that termites infest in more than 4 million homes in the United States, causing millions in damage for homeowners and business owners? That’s the last thing you need, right? You don’t have to worry, though. Royal Greens is here to help.

Perimeter Pest Control

Create a barrier around your home or business with perimeter pest control. When you choose Royal Greens, our experts go after crawling insects, such as crickets, spiders, ants, centipedes and silverfish, so your home is bug free at any time of the year.

Indoor Pest Control

Your home or business facility needs a barrier to keep unwanted creatures, which is why indoor pest control should be a top priority. It’s our specialty and something we’ve trained to do to provide solutions for our customers.