Royal Greens Proudly Serves Ijamsville, Maryland

Located a short distance from and run by the city of Frederick, Ijamsville is part of the Baltimore, Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Like Frederick, it is known for its civil war history and preservation of traditional values. Once a mining town, then farming, Ijamsville is no stranger to the importance of agriculture.

The residents and business owners in Ijamsville want and deserve clean, fresh landscapes. But sometimes, no matter how well maintained your lawn, grass may not grow properly. Bare spots can occur. Climate, overuse, and poor soil can all affect the quality of your turf. Royal Greens is a family-owned company located in Frederick, who understands the local climate, grass, and soil types in our area.

Boost the Health of Your Ijamsville Lawn With Royal Greens

Boost the Health of Your Ijamsville Lawn With Royal Greens

If you live in the Ijamsville area and are looking to boost your lawn’s health or need a lawn renovation, allow the professionals at Royal Greens to help.¬† When you hire Royal Greens to handle your lawn care and maintenance, we first visit your property and perform a soil analysis. Poor soil quality can cause all sorts of problems for your lawn, including an increase in lawn disease, flooding, bare patches, and inadequate water quality. After this, we will develop a customized plan utilizing one of our exceptional programs to provide you with the most results. These services may include but are not limited to:

Soil Restoration
A soil restoration involves aerating the lawn and spreading a shallow layer of compost over the top. We can perform soil restoration services multiple times a year.

Soil Building
This service builds up the carbon and organic matter in your soil, both of which are beneficial in aiding air, nutrients, and water flow. This not only creates a healthier lawn, but it is also a better choice for the environment and your health.

When soil is compacted, or there is an excess build-up of thatch in your lawn, we can breathe life back into your turf through a process called aeration. Our highly innovative Liquid Air8 solution allows the much-needed air, nutrients, and water to flow deeper into your soil, creating stronger, healthier roots.

A Healthy Start РA Combination of Aeration and Overseeding 
We combine both aeration and overseeding to boost the health and strength of your lawn by getting those much-needed nutrients, water, and oxygen to your grassroots. After aeration, we perform a heavy overseeding. Performing aeration first will allow the new seeds to transpose deeper into the earth, ensuring better results.

A Healthy, Thriving Lawn Is Within Your Grasp

A green, healthy lawn is possible with the outstanding lawn care from the highly knowledgeable and professional staff at Royal Greens. Get in touch with us today and schedule your property assessment and soil test. Your lawn will thank you.

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