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Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn This Fall in Frederick

If you haven’t taken advantage of an aeration service in Frederick yet, you may not be all too familiar with the process. Technically speaking, aeration is a natural occurrence that involves an air exchange between the soil and the surrounding atmosphere. Aeration is performed using mechanical means of extracting small plugs of thatch and soil to assist in improving natural soil aeration. This process is commonly referred to as “core aeration”, but you may have also heard the term soil cultivation. Either way, this process is very beneficial for lawns experiencing stress. Read on to learn more about why this should be implemented into your lawn care routine this upcoming fall season!

Is aeration necessary for a healthy lawn?

Compacted soil prevents the grass in your lawn from establishing a strong root system. It also prevents fertilizer and water from reaching the roots.

With most lawns, the fertile topsoil may have been buried or removed when the basement of the home was excavated. This forces the grass to grow in subsoil that may be more compact or high in clay content. This soil is not as likely to produce and sustain a healthy lawn. There are several things that can cause a compacted soil, such as walking, mowing, and playing, as well as rain and irrigation. Aeration assists in relieving soil compaction and allows your grass to establish deep roots, as well as producing better results when using fertilizer and water.

What benefits does aeration offer?

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of aeration, you may be wondering what benefits this service offers. It’s a fair question, and the answers are endless!

Aeration in Frederick can help your lawn stay healthier via:

  • Reduced compaction of the soil
  • Improved air exchange between the atmosphere and soil
  • Improved fertilizer absorption
  • Improved water absorption
  • Stronger roots
  • Enhanced stress and heat tolerance
  • Improved cushioning and resiliency
  • Efficient thatch breakdown

Royal Greens is experienced in providing core aeration services in Frederick, MD. Our highly trained professionals can help keep your lawn both attractive and healthy for this upcoming cooler season. Our schedules fill up fast in the fall, so reserve your spot today!

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