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Why To Hire a Lawn Care Professional in Frederick, MD

A healthy, green lawn is on the wish-list of every homeowner. Not only is it the crowning jewel of a beautiful home, but it also provides an enjoyable space for family, friends, and pets to relax in during the warmer seasons of the year. Most homeowners know the basics of lawn care in Frederick, but the basics aren’t enough if you want to nurture your lawn to it’s optimum potential and create the weed free lawn you desire. Read on to learn why hiring a professional lawn care service in Frederick, MD is the best option to achieve and maintain a thick, healthy lawn.

Professionals Understand the Science

Objectively, your turf is a crop that, on a molecular level, requires specific nutrients in proper dosages in order to properly grow. Not just that, but encouraging healthy growth while eliminating the risks of harmful weeds and insects that destroy it ups the ante. Fertilizers, pre-emergent herbicides, and pest treatments applied without proper knowledge of the macro-climate of Frederick and the micro-climate of your property can yield less-than-desirable results. Lawn care professionals are certified in the science of lawn care and customizing treatment to each yard to encourage strong, resilient lawns that are free of pests and diseases.

Custom Plans Ensure Your Needs are Met

No two lawns are the same, even if they’re both located in Frederick. The amount of sun or shade, thatch levels, disease history, and personal usage of your landscape should affect treatment. Only a professional can take your lawn care to the next level, customizing a lawn care program that’s optimized for the Frederick, MD environment even further to design the most comprehensive, effective plan for your Frederick lawn care.

Experts are Trained to Identify Problems

The list of obstacles that prevent homeowners from achieving a turf they can be proud of is long. What ails your lawn could range from improper fertilization to stress, diseases like brown patch, or invisible grubs ruining your lawn from the soil up. Certified professionals can identify symptoms that are only visible to the trained eye. Moreover, they have the know-how and professional-grade treatments to eradicate the problem and return your Frederick lawn to health in Frederick, MD.

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