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When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Frederick

One very important aspect of lawn care to understand is that your lawn needs nutrients to survive. When it comes to fertilizing, or ‘feeding’ your lawn, people often question exactly how it should be done. The “how” question that homeowners raise most is, “how often?” Read on to learn about the ideal fertilization application times for Frederick lawn care.

Common Types of Grass in Maryland

There is no ‘one size fits all’ fertilization timeline. That is because fertilizers need to be applied uniquely for each type of grass. So, do you know what type of grass do you have? Common grasses in Maryland are Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue and Zoysia. The type of grass that you have will play a role in the type of fertilizer you will need to use and how often you will need to fertilize it. Zoysia grass is pictured to the left.

Take Note of the Active Growth Period

When we think about fertilization in simplest terms, it is a feeding. Your grass will need the most food during its natural growth seasons. Fertilizer is essentially a healthy advocate, boosting your lawn and enabling it to do even better than what it is naturally intended to do. Cool season and warm season grasses benefit from more targeted fertilization during their active growth periods. However, no matter the type of grass, year-round lawn care in Frederick will encourage optimal health. Cool season grasses, like tall fescue, tend to need heavier fertilizer applications in the early fall and spring – however, fertilizing during the summer months does help the grass recover more quickly from the stress that a Frederick summer brings. Balanced fertilization is extremely important if you want to maintain a green lawn in Frederick throughout the growing season.

Natural & Organic Fertilization

Natural & Organic based fertilizers are healthiest for all grass types. These types of fertilizers not only feed your lawn but help add organic matter and stimulate microbes in the soil. These microbes help your grass feed off the nutrients in your soil and in the environment. Natural and Organic fertilizers also have a much lower salt index, making it very difficult to burn your lawn even in the summer months. Not all Organics are created equal and many of the quality ones are only available to professionals. For quality products and top-notch service, it is best left to the pros at Royal Greens, Inc.

Bring In An Expert

Identifying the type of grass you have, its growth periods, ideal times to fertilize, and the type of fertilizer to use can be challenging. This comes down to science, and it’s not elementary school biology. Proper fertilization is a pillar for creating a green, thick Frederick lawn. However, even with knowledge about your grass type, chances are you may not get it exactly right… but a professional will. With a seasoned lawn care professional in Frederick by your side, you can get the green lawn you have been looking for.

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