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What’s New At Royal Greens

keep Your lawn green this summer in Ellicott City, MD

Customer Assistant Website:

This isn’t really a new feature but it is a great one. For about 4 years now, customers have been able to access their account online through our website. On our website, you simply click on customer login and you will be taken to a completely secure website that allows you access to your account. From here you can pay your bill securely, look at past services, look at future services, request service calls, sign up for beneficial services, see what technicians have recommended on your property and much, much more. It is the most convenient way to monitor your account and keep up to date on all goings-on.

Referral Program:

Our referral program went through a big upgrade this year. Of course, you can always call us or email us your friends and neighbors that are interested in lawn care. But what if, you could track it on your phone, tablet or computer and could refer people just as easy as sending a text. Well now you can, with our referral program. Under our Customer Assistant Website, you can track people you have referred our service to, send out email blasts, facebook posts, twitter handles and much more to your friends, family, and neighbors. You can also download the app on your smartphone and take it on the go. This is a great way for you to keep your finger on top of your referrals.

Royal Shield Program:

One of the big changes to our program line-up was the combination of our Mosquito and Flea/Tick programs which we now call our Royal Shield Program. With our 3 levels of service Silver, Gold and Platinum we can fit anyone’s needs and budget. These applications still offer 28 days of control as they did before. Our Silver level is a great summer program, it keeps you protected from May to August. You can extend that control with our Gold level. This program is great for giving you some extra protection in the April and September months. Our Platinum level gives you control from March through October, mosquitoes may not be out in March but fleas, ticks, and ants sure can be. It also helps you get a leg up on overwintering eggs and nymphs of other nuisance and biting insects. This program is a great way to help any homeowner enjoy their lawn all season long.

If you have questions about our new programs and services, please contact us today!