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Summer Disease Warning!!

Due to hot and humid weather, we are seeing a higher than normal amount of Brown Patch Disease in lawns. Brown Patch is a disease that affects most grass types in our area. Tall Fescues show the most resistance but still can be affected. The appearance of Brown Patch is that of a burnt look with oblong patterns typically in sunny areas of the lawn. Brown Patch will start out as small circular areas but as they grow and run into one another they get their oblong shape. They can also be found in shaded areas in bad infestations. The disease takes hold on a lawn once nighttime temperatures are above 60 degrees and daytime temperatures are between 70 and 90 degrees. Then all that needs to happen is for the grass blades to stay wet for 10 12 hours. This usually happens during overcast periods after rains or heavy dew.

Cultural practices that can help prevent the spread of the disease or limit future breakouts. When seeding your lawn be sure to use Turf Type Tall Fescues that are more disease resistant to Brown patch. Try to eliminate issues in the lawn that can cause water to stay around for extended periods of time. If Brown Patch is present try to bag clippings to reduce the spread of the disease. Don’t mow when the grass is wet if possible. Aerating either mechanical or a liquid aeration can help reduce surface tension in the soil, allowing it to drain better.

Fungicide applications can be applied to a lawn to aid in the recovery of the disease. Much like a bad haircut or a bad dye job, it does take time to grow out. Fungicide applications help to prevent the spread of the disease while allowing the grass to grow out of the damage. As the grass grows and gets mowed, the new growth will not have the Brown Patch damage and after a while, the grass will mow out the damaged grass blades. We run a 3 treatment program that will give your lawn about 9 to 11 weeks of control. This will allow the grass to recover and prevent re-infestation and the spread of the Brown Patch and other diseases. If you are interested in receiving fungicide applications please contact our office for pricing and to schedule the applications.