Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control: Creating a Barrier for Your Home

The last thing you want is for creepy, crawly insects to start invading your home. However, as the seasons change, many creatures try and take cover and find warm or damp spaces to habitat.

Stop the cycle.

Create a barrier around your home or business with perimeter pest control. When you choose Royal Greens, our experts go after crawling insects, such as crickets, spiders, ants, centipedes and silver fish, so your home is bug free at any time of the year.

A Four-Treatment Program

While you may think that just one treatment will keep bugs from finding their way into your home, the reality is that follow-ups are necessary, especially as the season change.

Royal Greens features a four-treatment program that targets three feet up and four feet out from your windows and doors.

To put it simply …

We treat all areas of the exterior of your home that are accessible from the ground. And, we are proud to use non-repellent contact materials, which is a premium strategy for eliminating crawling insects.

Benefits of Non-Repellent Contact Materials

While it’s common to want all crawling insects around your home or business eliminated immediately, there are actually more benefits of treating with slow-acting, non-repellent contact materials.

Here’s the difference.

Repellent contact materials feature fast-acting insecticides that create a barrier and act quickly. While these repellents create chemical barriers around your home, areas with heavy vegetation, mulch or ground covers don’t always respond to this type of treatment.

Non-repellent contact materials take longer to knock down an insect, but the overall effect is lasting and long-term. For example, using a non-repellent treatment helps to infect insect trails and nests, as well as covered ground areas where insects move freely underneath mulch and vegetation. Non-repellent treatments move active ingredients through the mulch and vegetation to create a barrier for insect movement over time.

With non-repellent contact materials, the experts at Royal Greens are able to offer long-term solutions for perimeter pest control, versus a quick fix that may result in additional pest issues down the road.

Why Should You Choose Royal Greens?

It’s obvious.

Royal Greens not only provides perimeter pest control, our experts also offer comprehensive pest control for termites, fleas, ticks and those crawling insects that are plainly put … pests. You can choose between quarterly visits or extended treatment programs, such as the Deluxe Home Armor Program to ward off unwanted creatures and critters from entering your home or business.

In addition to pest control, Royal Greens is also the expert in the area when it comes to lawn services such as core aeration, seeding, liming and grub control. Whether you need tree and shrub control, pest control or seasonal fertilization, it’s obvious that Royal Greens is the right choice to care for your home and business outdoor needs.

Don’t wait until your pest issues are out of control. Give us a call today to find the ultimate solution and the royal treatment.