Outdoor Pest Control

Outdoor Pest Control – A Must-Have for Homes and Businesses

Did you know that termites infest in more than 4 million homes in the United States, causing millions in damage for homeowners and business owners? That’s the last thing you need, right?
You don’t have to worry, though. Royal Greens is here to help.

Keep Termites at Bay and Away
Termites are sneaky.
In fact, you may have termites infesting in your yard or around your home’s exterior without even knowing it. That’s why the experts at Royal Greens offer an extensive round of termite control, monitoring and protective treatments so these sneaky termites stay away. Our treatment begins with an initial inspection of your home’s exterior and continues with quarterly visits where our experts inspect your property and monitor for termites. When evidence of termites exists, we create baiting stations to stop infestation.

Flea and Tick Control at its Best
When your lawn is soft, green and lush, you naturally want to enjoy your time outdoors. However, if fleas and ticks are invading your space, it’s time to call the experts.
Did you know?

  • Blood-sucking ticks can infringe upon your family and your pets
  • Ticks carry diseases such as Lyme and Spotted fever
  • Ticks commonly gather in plant material, woodlines and grass

Royal Greens offers three levels of service to eliminate these pesky creatures from your yard and exterior areas.
Check this out:

  • Silver Level – The silver option for flea and tick control includes four comprehensive outdoor treatments that occur in May, June, July and August.
  • Gold Level – Opt for six months of treatment beginning in April each year and ending in September with the gold level package.
  • Platinum Level – When fleas and ticks are taking over your outdoor lounging space, opt for the platinum level that includes eight monthly treatments from March through October.

Say Goodbye to Mosquitos
Save your summer by saying goodbye to mosquitos. Royal Greens is ready to protect you and your family from the long mosquito breeding seasons with comprehensive treatments. We act fast and begin spraying common breeding areas in early spring, summer and fall. You can also reap the benefits of mosquito treatments when choosing the silver, gold and platinum level packages that also include flea and tick control.
Mosquito control is essential for many reasons, including:

  • They can carry harmful diseases
  • They are drawn to the aroma of bacteria on the skin
  • They can easily breed in small spaces, such as a rainwater container
  • They travel and spread quickly

Beyond the annoyance of having mosquitos swarm your yard, these insects can inflict harmful bites and even allergic reactions. Protect your green spaces and your families when enlisting the help of Royal Greens.

We Keep the Bugs Away

Beyond providing essential lawn care services and grub control, the professionals at Royal Greens also specializes in home, perimeter and outdoor pest control. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can safeguard your indoor and outdoor areas.