Lawn Care Program

A Comprehensive Lawn Care Program Offering the Royal Treatment

Want to improve the curb appeal of your lawn and become the envy of the neighborhood? When you opt for Royal Greens’ comprehensive lawn care program, that’s exactly what happens.

Want to know how?

Our 7-Step program is designed to offer nutrient management for your soil and grass that goes well beyond just one simple treatment. In fact, you get the Royal Treatment throughout the core seasons when your grass and lawn need the most nurturing.

The 7-Step Program

Whether you live on flat land or live on hilly slopes, your lawn should resemble that of a perfectly-manicured golf course. With the 7-Step Program from Royal Greens, we can make that a reality. Here’s how the program works.

Step #1:
Beginning in Early Spring, our experts begin with complete nutrient management. The first application includes the following:

  • Weed Control
  • Crab Grass Control
  • Soil Building and Conditioning
  • Carbon Based Fertilization

As a result, after the first treatment your grass roots are stimulated and your soil is conditioned, laying a solid foundation for healthy growth throughout the year.

Step #2:
In Late Spring, we continue to monitor your soil and grass and perform carbon-based fertilization to build your soil profile. Carbon-based fertilization creates a healthier soil biology, which in return, creates healthier grass.

Step #3:
In Early Summer, the professionals from Royal Greens perform preventative grub control treatments. This time-sensitive treatment is catered to your lawn’s needs.

Step #4:
Summertime, when the weather is warm, is exactly the right time to continue lawn treatments with our organic and natural fertilization. In addition, we continue to lay the foundation for a green, lush lawn with soil building and weed control treatments.

Step #5:
During Late Summer, your lawn needs special care to recover from the heat and dry temperatures. Step #5 involves additional soil building, fertilization and weed control to help maintain the healthy nature of your grass and soil.

Step #6:
During the fall, the team of experts at Royal Greens provides an additional fertilization treatment. Because the nature of your lawn changes with each season, our team changes the type of fertilization we use with each treatment to adapt to the condition of your grass and soil.

Step #7:
The final treatment of this 7-step lawn care program helps prepare your grass and soil for the upcoming winter. We provide pH maintenance and soil building treatments. As a result, these treatments help with the nutrient uptake of your soil and grass while helping to build upon the existing soil.

A Personalized Approach to Lawn Care
Consider this:
Most people don’t realize that your lawn needs a personal touch. In fact, before we begin any type of treatment, we take a soil sample to determine the type of care your lawn needs and then customize our treatments to better serve you.

There’s a right and a wrong way to manicure the green space that surrounds your home or business. When you choose Royal Greens, you see just how powerful the right strategy can be.

Here’s the Bottom Line:
Royal Greens employs experts who know the ins and outs of soil building, fertilization and lawn treatments. This expertise translates to premium customer service, a lush, green lawn and the satisfaction of surrounding your home or business with a healthy lawn. Give us a call to learn more about our services that range from core aeration, slit seeding and grub control to outdoor and indoor pest control.