Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is heralded by experts as being one of the simplest and best ways to promote healthy, nutrient-rich soil. This 100% organic treatment results in new growth and healthier root development for your grass. If you want improved results from your normal lawn care program, Royal Greens’ aeration service is your answer.

Improve the Flow of Nutrients

Our team of lawn specialists understand that stress and compaction greatly hinder your lawn’s ability to reach its full potential. We know how to relieve this pressure by using top of the line equipment to carefully remove thousands of tiny plugs of soil throughout your turf. This 100% organic treatment gives your soil the porous composition it needs to develop new roots and grow strong. Think of it as a much-needed breath of fresh air for your grass!

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Grow a Thicker, Fuller Turf

If your lawn experiences a great deal of foot traffic or has heavy clay soils, you could benefit from a single core aeration service from Royal Greens. Our professional team opens up your soil for more nutrients, water and air, and alleviates compaction in your lawn. This allows the nutrients to penetrate the grass’ roots, resulting in a stronger, more vigorous lawn for you, year after year!

Added Benefits of Core Aeration

Beyond the basics of eliminating soil stress and facilitating the growth of new grass, aeration provides a myriad of added benefits to your yard.

These benefits include:

  • Greater air exchange
  • Enhanced future thatch breakdown
  • Greater fortification against weeds and disease
  • Improved uptake of fertilizer
  • And most importantly – a regal-looking lawn at your home!

To invigorate your lawn and bring it back to life this fall, choose Royal Greens’ premier core aeration service.