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Preparing Your Trees And Shrubs For Spring

how to prepare trees for spring

It’s around this time each year when the ice begins to melt, the snow disappears, there is plenty of sunshine, and the countdown to spring officially begins! It’s also around this time each year where we begin to think about pre-spring lawn care, and what we can do right now to prepare our lawn and landscape for spring.


One of the biggest pieces to your landscape is your trees and shrubs. Knowing how to best prepare them for spring ensures a lush, healthy growing season, and it ultimately extends the life and beauty of your landscape. Here’s how to do just that:


Step 1: Inspect

inspect trees in springThe first thing you want to do when preparing your trees and shrubs for spring is to inspect them while they’re still bare. This will allow you to locate and prune any dead or diseased branches which, if not pruned, can lead to issues in the springtime. By pruning these branches you will make the tree healthier, safer, and will promote new growth!


Step 2: Protect

One of the biggest threats your trees and shrubs face entering springtime are overwintering pests. Some of the most common ones are scale insects, mites, bagworms, and lace bugs. The best way to attack these overwintering pests is to apply a horticultural oil spray. The spray will cover the breathing tubes of the pests (and their eggs), which will ultimately suffocate them. This completely eliminates their threat and protects the trees and shrubs leading into spring.

Step 3: Tidy Up

weed around tree to prepare for springIn line with step 1, you will also want to tidy up around your trees and shrubs. This includes removing any dead branches, fallen leaves, old mulch, and weeds from the surrounding area. By doing this you are removing unnecessary stress and setting the stage for a healthy, successful growing season.


Step 4: Apply

It may still be a little early for this but in a few weeks you are going to want to apply a 3-4 inch layer of mulch around your trees and shrubs. This will provide them with additional insulation and will allow them to easily retain moisture, both of which are essential for successful spring growth. As an added bonus, the mulch adds to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape!


At Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care we understand that a huge part of your landscape’s appeal lies in your trees and shrubs. That’s why we developed our 6-step treatment solution to best prepare them for healthy growing seasons, and to protect them all year long.

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