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Spring Fertilization Tips for Your Lawn in Frederick, MD

As we move into spring, the longer days, warmer weather, and liveliness of summer are now in sight. Outdoor barbecues, time in the yard with your family, and hosting friends are just a few of things for which a beautiful lawn in Frederick is the perfect backdrop. However, as you look forward to summer fun, it is essential to incorporate fertilization into your lawn care in Frederick. Give your lawn the nutrients it needs in late spring so that it can thrive amidst the heat and wear of the summer season!

When to Fertilize Your Lawn In The Spring

You may have applied a pre-emergent weed control treatment to zap weeds and crabgrass earlier this spring. Now that your grass has had ample time to deepen its roots, it’s time to supply a feeding to strengthen against the heat, insects and heavy foot traffic of summer. It’s ideal to apply a late spring fertilizer between April and June. This application provides the grass with ample energy just before summer, when carbohydrate production slows and reserves become the main source of energy. A substantial late spring fertilization in Frederick enables your grass to maintain its health in the heat!

Benefits of Using Organic Based Fertilizers in Frederick, MD

It’s ideal to use an organic-based fertilizer for this late spring feeding. We often forget that plants are living organisms, and organic fertilizers feed the plant without destroying the health of the soil around it!  Additional benefits of organic-based fertilizers, as opposed to chemical or synthetic fertilizers, include:

  • A slower release of plant-nutrients, providing longer lasting results
  • Enhanced resistance to leaching from rain, ensuring money is not wasted and grass is nurtured
  • The improvement of the condition of the soil
  • No impact on earthworms, which help aerate soil, or the nutritional value and flavor of local fruits and vegetables

Dangers of Over Fertilizing Your Lawn

Correct fertilization is an exact science, and too much treatment can be detrimental to your lawn. Over-fertilization can result from a number of activities, such as the addition of too much fertilizer at once, improper draining, or lack of proper flushing through the soil with water. These can cause the irreversible side effects such as brown tips, root burn, or stunted growth. The proper timing, balance of nutrients, and application of fertilizer in Frederick is highly difficult to achieve.

To ensure your grass is properly fed and cared for, and to guarantee a lush, green, healthy lawn this summer, it is best to contact a professional lawn care company in Frederick for this task. To ensure that your lawn is properly fertilized this spring, give us a call.