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Can a Healthy Lawn Co-Exist with Your Pets?

Pet lawn damage is a small price to pay for having a fun-loving dog like this one in your Ellicott City, MD lawn.

Home and business owners in Maryland prioritize lawn care and maintenance on their properties. We recognize that a healthy, thriving yard can boost curb appeal and even drive property value. Most importantly, beautiful landscapes increase the enjoyment and functionality of our outdoor living spaces, allowing us to relax and spend time with loved ones during any season, including our pets. Unfortunately, pet lawn damage can turn into a real problem, real fast.

Pets Can Cause Significant Visible Damage to Your Property

For pet owners throughout the state, effectively maintaining our lawn care efforts can prove challenging in the face of pet lawn damage. The high concentration of nitrogen and salts found in pet urine can have far-reaching consequences for our properties. These components can burn the grass, resulting in unsightly yellow and brown dead patches or areas marked by excessive growth.

Lawn Care Tips to Help Reduce Grass Discoloration on Your Property

If you’re tired of your furry family members ruining your grass, there’s hope. Knowing a few simple tips can help reverse and prevent any long-term pet lawn damage, helping to maintain the overall vitality of your yard.

Water Discolored SpotsLawn pet damage can cause a lot of damage to your Potomac, MD lawn, including circles of dead grass.

A formidable weapon against the onslaught of pet spots on your grass is water. Water existing spots in your yard generously whenever you notice them. Watering these areas dilutes the potency of urine, washing away the high concentrations of nitrogen and salts from the lawn. Use a garden hose as needed. You can also use a watering can to flush away toxins from any soiled spots that can’t be reached with the hose.

Maintain a Steady Watch

The best way to know the right spots to wash on your lawn before discoloration is to monitor your pets while they are out in the yard. Watering a soiled area is most effective right after your dogs or cats have been out on it. Keeping a steady eye on your pets’ daily habits can make sure you intervene and soak designated spots before a problem arises.

Designate Pet-Friendly SpotsSet a designated pet area for your pets to avoid any pet lawn damage to your New Market, MD lawn.

Another effective way to keep your lawn as healthy as possible with pets? Create designated “pet-friendly” areas on your property. Fence off stretches of your property specifically for your dogs. Instead of grass, consider including a layer of mulch or pea stone in the section to reduce maintenance needs and potential for damage.

Try Professional Lawn Care Services

Consistent lawn care can also help combat any damage and deterioration caused by pets in your yard. When mowing your property, keep the grass slightly higher than normal to make discolored patches and excessive growth less noticeable. Additionally, an effective lawn fertilization program can also promote and support healthy, vibrant new growth. If you do opt for professional lawn care services, always keep your pets off the grass after a treatment until it’s completely dry.

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