Ellicott City

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Ellicott City offers plenty of opportunities for families to enjoy the great outdoors. From Clark’s Elioak Farm and Font Hills Wetlands Park to Patapsco Valley State Park and Centennial Park, Ellicott City is the perfect place to take in the warm weather in the summer or the picturesque views in the fall. The park system is second to none, giving you a chance to admire the extensive green spaces that showcase the value of having a lush, green landscape.

Centennial Park: One of the Best Green Spaces in the State

Centennial Park is a popular hotspot for both locals and visitors of Ellicott City. Surrounding Centennial Lake, this extensive green space covers more than 337 acres, offering serenity any time of the year. In addition to impressive green space for family activities, sporting games and picnics, Centennial Park also features a 2.4-mile paved trail loop perfect for jogging, hiking and biking. The park also features boat rentals during the warmer months and a public boat ramp.

Visitors and residents flock to this pet-friendly park for some fishing in the lake or long walks around the sporting areas and hiking trails. The picnic pavilions are perfect for family picnics, outdoor parties or celebrations. There’s also something for the little ones with multiple playgrounds throughout Centennial Park.

Wildlife is also abundant in Centennial Park’s wooded areas, wetlands and field areas. This park is popular with birdwatchers who can gather up to the buoy line of the Wildlife area that is a safe spawning area for birds nesting and fish.

Why Do Green Spaces Matter?

Centennial Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, the trails, the wetlands and the field space is inviting, especially with such lush, healthy green spaces. While you may not have trails, pavilions and playgrounds in your backyard, your green space is important. It’s where your kids play, your family gathers and your pets roam. Your green space should be comfortable for your family to enjoy and even more, it should look good enough to make the neighbors envious.

That’s where Royal Greens takes over. We can make it even more lush and healthy with our comprehensive lawn services.


Our team of experts know the importance of your home’s green space. That’s why we start with a soil sample and diagnose any issues you may be experience with outdoor pests, soil and seeding.

But our services don’t stop there. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Nutrient Management
  • Carbon-Based Fertilization
  • Soil Building and Conditioning
  • Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Core Aeration
  • pH Maintenance
  • Slit Seeding
  • Outdoor, Perimeter and Home Pest Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care

Are You Ready to Make Your Green Space More Inviting?

Preventative treatments are essential, especially during the peak seasons when your grass and soil need extra nutrients and care. Let Royal Greens do the work for you, so you can enjoy a lush, green lawn and an inviting green space that is characteristic of Centennial Park.

Contact us today to get started on this adventure.