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Mowing Advice

While mowing isn’t something that we do, it does play an important role in the overall health of your lawn. Most people think there isn’t a wrong way to mow, but doing it wrong can actually be harmful to the grass. Here are some tips to help you and your lawn:

  1. Always mow with sharp blades
    • Torn grass gives a dull appearance and invites insects and disease into a lawn
  2. Don’t mow wet grass
    • It causes clumping and can spread disease quickly if present
  3. Mow your lawn at 3.5-4 inches
    • Taller grass means less weed pressure
    • Your grass won’t grow slower by mowing low, it grows quicker
  4. Alternate your mowing pattern
    • If you always mow in the same direction your grass will lay down flatter, changing direction makes it grow more upright
  5. Mow during the cooler parts of the day
    • It’s good for you and your lawn
  6. Do Not collect clippings
    • Grass clippings are a great source of nutrients, moisture and organic matter to your soil and grass
    • If it is clumping, we do recommend picking up clumps or bagging, they will smother the grass
  7. Only mow when and if your lawn needs it
    • As it gets hot your lawn will slow its growing. If it doesn’t need to be mowed, keep the mower in the shed.

Mowing low is not healthy for your soil or grass. The more shaded the soil is, the more microbial activity you have going on and the less weed pressure your lawn will have. Your lawn is different than grass on a golf course in almost every way. Those grasses are designed to take a low mowing, grasses in a home lawn are not. I always equate a home lawn to the rough of a golf course. The grass is taller usually a little darker green but it is thick healthy and looks just as good. It called rough on a course because it is hard to hit out of, in a home setting we call it a well-maintained lawn.

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