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Royal Greens Proudly Serves Montgomery County

Montgomery County currently has a law restricting the use of certain pesticides on private lawns, playgrounds, mulched recreation areas, and childcare facilities. Any products that contain weed and feed, including both fertilizer and herbicide, are restricted. Only products certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute or products designated a minimum risk by the Environmental Protection Agency are allowed. For more information on the laws governing Montgomery County, and specific cities within the county that are exempt, visit the Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection website. You Can Count on Environmentally Safe Lawn Care With Royal Greens

Royal Greens holds a Maryland Fertilizer Application license and follows all rules and regulations implemented by the State of Maryland’s Agricultural Department. We also follow all laws implemented inside Montgomery County. We offer organic and standard care for most of our services, and we are open and honest about what goes into our treatments. While we take every effort to combat weeds, ticks and mosquitoes, we are always mindful of our impact on the environment and the safety of you and your loved ones.

Royal Green's Offers a Powerful and Effective Organic Lawn Care Program

At Royal Greens, we offer an Organic Lawn Care Program centered around lawn care and fertilization. Its focus is on providing your lawn with nutrients to promote stronger soil and roots for healthier growth. We offer three different plans. Each plan includes carbon-enriched fertilizers, as well as root enhancing, and soil building materials. Royal Green’s natural fertilizer will not only increase your soil’s organic matter, but it also releases nutrients slowly over time. This improves dirt’s long-term nutrition and overall quality. It promotes increased soil life and fertility. It even helps maintain moisture and reduce soil compaction. Learn more about this powerful and effective program and what each specific program entails by visiting our lawn care page


Soil Testing and Interpretation of Your Montgomery Township Lawn

Soil Testing and Interpretation of Your Montgomery Township Lawn

When you sign up as a Royal Green customer, we take a soil test on your property. We will take the information and, based upon the results, make recommendations on how we can improve it. Based on our findings, we’ll develop a customized plan to correct your soil and get it to its healthiest levels. Programs often include one or several of the following:

Soil Restoration
A soil restoration involves aerating the lawn and spreading a shallow layer of compost over the top. We can perform our soil restoration services  multiple times a year.

Soil Building
This service builds up the carbon and organic matter in your soil, both of which are beneficial in aiding air, nutrient, and water flow. This not only creates a healthier lawn, but it is also a better choice for the environment and your health.

Aeration and Seeding
We also provide aeration services, slit, and power seeding to help boost the health and strength of your lawn. Contact Royal Greens today to learn how we can rejuvenate and bring new life to your landscape in a safe and environmentally friendly way. 

Take Back Your Montgomery County Lawn With Royal Green's Mosquito and Tick Control

Stop allowing annoying mosquitoes and ticks to chase you out of your Montgomery lawn! Spraying for biting or stinging insects such as blood-sucking mosquitoes and ticks is allowed in Montgomery County. Royal Greens has just the products to put an end to these pesky bugs. We offer a Mosquito and Tick Control program as well as a Natural Mosquito Reduction Program. Both treatment options are available on a one-time basis for special events. Check out our Mosquito and Tick Control Page for more information.

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