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How to Prevent Brown Patch Disease in Ellicott City, MD

brown patch disease in Ellicott City, MD

Brown patch disease is the bane of Ellicott City lawn care efforts. The beauty of any lawn can be quickly destroyed by this unsightly fungal disease. This disease can develop rapidly when daytime and nighttime temperatures are warm and humid. Royal Greens will discuss the symptoms of brown patch and how to prevent it, so you are left with a green, vibrant lawn!

Symptoms of Brown Patch Disease

Symptoms of this fungal disease may vary with the type of grass affected and soil conditions. Thinned patches of light brown grass that are circular in shape are the most common signs. These areas may range from a few inches in diameter to several feet. At times, the center area may recover, leaving a doughnut-looking pattern on the grass. If the disease has progressed rapidly and conditions are favorable, the entire area may be thinned and brown.

It is important to note that a circular patch does not have to be present. Close inspection of grass blades may reveal small and irregular shaped tan leaf spots possessing dark brown borders. Some grasses exhibit rotted leaf sheaths near the surface of the soil.

Preventing and Treating Brown Patch Disease

The best way to prevent brown patch is practicing consistent lawn care in Ellicott City. You will quickly discover that prevention is a lot less expensive than treating an already affected lawn. Some of the most effective preventative lawn care practices include:

  • Avoid high nitrogen fertilizer during the late spring and summer on cool season grasses.
  • Avoid high nitrogen fertilizer during mid to late fall or early spring with warm season grasses.
  • Avoid fast-release forms of nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Water the grass in the early morning hours.
  • Remove clippings to avoid spreading the disease to other areas of the grass.
  • Mow regularly with blades adjusted to the appropriate height for the lawn.
  • Ensure the lawn has good drainage for surface and subsurface areas.
  • Mow with sharp mowing blades.

Fungicides are difficult to rely on for controlling brown patch during lawn care in Ellicott City, MD. You may find that alternating fungicide is the most effective means to controlling brown patch.  Liquid fungicide is most effective. However, an improper application may lead to fungicide resistance.

Maintaining the beauty and health of your lawn is not easy – it requires a lot of know-how and a great deal of work to be employed. If you find yourself too busy to keep up, consider Royal Green’s lawn care in Ellicott City. Our highly trained professionals can help you keep your lawn looking lush and green, in any season.