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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

As we approach the dormant season, your lawn will require a bit of extra attention before you can put your tools down for winter break. In order to protect the year-round health of your lawn, we’ve put together the top to-do’s for your lawn in order to get that thicker, fuller lawn next spring. Here are a few steps you can take now to prepare your lawn for winter:

Clear Debris

During the fall season, leaves, dead grass, and other debris build up on your lawn. As it accumulates, it holds in moisture and creates an environment where fungi and moss can easily grow. As a result, this build-up severely hinders your lawn’s ability to grow new grass in the spring. To remove this build up, firmly rake away this debris before it becomes destructive to your turf.

Mow the Lawn

Give your lawn one last good cut to put the grass to bed. This will help to mulch up leaves and turn them into organic matter in your soil. It will also leave the grass looking nice and precise for the winter months. You don’t need to drop the mowing height but if you insist, don’t go below 2.5″. Your grass protects your roots and also hinders winter weed growth.

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Aerate the Turf

Let your lawn breathe and open up air channels by alleviating compacted soils. You can use a machine aerator to pull out soil cores or a simple pitchfork to make holes. Wait until the ground is softened after some rainfall, as it will be easier to penetrate the ground. Aerating your grass promotes lawn growth in the spring by allowing more air, moisture, and nutrients to reach the roots.

Add Fertilizer

After aerating your lawn, sprinkle fertilizer over your lawn in order to fill in the holes with nutrients. Fertilizer helps “feed” your lawn and gives it the nutrients it needs to withstand the colder months. These nutrients will help keep your grass green and lush during growing season.

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