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How to Control Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard in Frederick, MD

Frederick flea and tick control efforts include much more than simply spraying insect control to kill these pests. There are many different strategies that homeowners can use to prevent these blood-sucking insects from invading their yards and homes. The experts at Royal Greens will discuss some simple tips to help keep your family and pets safe from these potentially harmful insects!

Maintain a well-manicured lawn

Most people may not know this, but insects prefer longer grass. Mowing your lawn and keeping it mowed to the proper height can reduce the areas where fleas and ticks can hang out and gather. Of course, don’t mow your lawn too short, because spiders and ants are fleas and tick assassins, and they need cover to be able to eradicate those pests.

Avoid over-watering your lawn

Another Frederick, MD flea and tick control measure to employ is to make sure your lawn is never over-watered. Fleas and ticks need moisture to survive, and a poorly drained lawn is akin to a flea and tick waterpark. Aerating the soil in shady, moist areas can help if a drainage problem persists.

Consider adding cedar mulch to your lawn

Unbeknownst to homeowners, cedar mulch is an effective natural flea and tick repellant. This mulch works best when used to border areas where pets like to play and rest, seeing as though insects will avoid migrating to these areas. Placing cedar mulch around the edges of your lawn can form an insect repelling barrier, keeping both you and your pets safe.

Royal Greens is your local expert in flea and tick control in Central Maryland. Residents can feel confident that flea and tick problems will be handled in an efficient and competent manner by our trained professionals. You deserve to spend your summer relaxing outdoors with loved ones and pets, without the added worry of getting attacked by pests!