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How to Control Broadleaf Weeds in Your Frederick Lawn

Broadleaf weeds are one of the most common enemies of lawns in Frederick, MD. If left untreated, they can cause nutrient and water deficiencies to your turf. No matter your turf type, it is susceptible to damage from these fast-moving killers. Here are some important Frederick lawn care tips to prevent it.

Know thy enemy

Understanding broadleaf weeds is the starting point for properly fighting them. There are many different types of weeds common to Maryland and much of North America – from perennial weeds such as clover and dandelions, to annual weeds like chickweed in the cooler months and spotted spurge in the warmer ones. Knowing the life cycle and when to treat poses a great challenge to effective lawn care.

How do I know if I have a problem?

Not all broadleaf weeds are unsightly – however, do not be fooled – they form thick mats that can smother your turf. Even just a small patch can cause serious problems because of their ability to spread quickly. Broadleaf weeds also rob grass of essential nutrients and moisture creating an unhealthy environment for your grass. Once weeds are noticed, timing is key. The sooner you start controlling weeds, the better your results will be.

What are broadleaf weed treatment options?

Proper Frederick lawn care to control broadleaf weeds requires more than just a one-time herbicide application. It is a persistent weed that is bound to return without year-round prevention. Pre and post-emergent herbicides must be applied in correct amounts at times of the year when broadleaf weeds germinate and spread. Safe application is key to avoid killing any turf in the process.

Long-term prevention

Any seasoned lawn care professional in Frederick, MD will tell you that the best strategy against broadleaf weeds is a year-round lawn care program. Strong, thick turf and consistent, tailored maintenance will drastically reduce the risk of weeds. What’s more is that if you hire a professional lawn care company, you will have a beautiful turf to enjoy, without all the time, research, and effort required to keep it that way!

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