How a Lawn Care Program Can Benefit Your Frederick Area Lawn

It is April in Frederick, Maryland, and depending on mother nature’s mood, spring may have already started or is in the beginning stages. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for spring and summer. A healthy lawn begins with a well-laid-out lawn care plan. For those just learning about lawn care, let’s start with the basics, soil testing. soil testing

Soil Is the Life Support System Behind a Healthy Lawn

The key to a healthy lawn here in the Frederick Maryland area lies in the soil. This is because the soil is the life support system behind your turf. It provides an anchor for your turf or trees’ roots and acts as an infiltration system for water and nutrients. It allows for the exchange of oxygen and gasses. It helps to protect from erosion and holds in moisture and vital nutrients. Over time, nutrients become out of balance or used up. This can cause your grass to look weak and unhealthy.  Having a proper test performed can help you or your lawn care professional show exactly what your soil is lacking and take the appropriate actions to fix it.

A soil analysis will also help you determine your soil’s pH level or acidity. Why is this important? The acidity of your soil affects the way your grass and plants will soak up the nutrients. When a pH level is out of balance, it can stop your grass and plants from performing certain functions and lead to weakened or stunted growth.

Once a test and analysis are performed, your lawn care professional can create a blend of carbon enriched fertilizer to help balance your pH levels and sustain the health and look of your turf.

What Is So Important About Fertilization?

Providing the right nutrients at the right time can boost your grass’s immune system, protect it from lawn disease, fungus, pests, and weeds. A poorly timed application could cause stress and damage to your lawn. Here in Maryland, the best time to fertilize your grass is in early spring. The key is to wait for the grass to green up before applying the fertilizer.

What About Weeds?

Weeds are obnoxious living beings that pop up everywhere at any time. Once they start, it can seem there is no end in sight. In the early spring, such as now, before soil temperatures reach above 55 degrees, it’s good practice to have a pre-emergent weed control applied. Pre-emergents help to prevent weeds from germinating. Here in the Frederick, Maryland area, we have primarily cool-season grasses ripe for creating the well-known and irritating crabgrass.  Pre-emergent weed control is essential to preventing and controlling crabgrass.

As spring continues, post-emergent weed control is needed to stop any additional weeds that have begun to sprout. Post-emergent weed control works on broadleaf weeds that have already emerged. pre emergent weed spray

Lawn Care Programs to Keep Your Frederick Area Lawn Green and Healthy

The professionals at Royal Greens offer three different lawn care programs to help keep your residential or business property in the Frederick area healthy and robust. They include our Healthy Lawn Program, our Healthy Lawn + Program, and our Healthy Lawn Premium Program. Each one of our lawn care programs includes natural fertilizers for the overall health and sustainability of your lawn. They also all contain broadleaf weed control, crabgrass control, a soil test and analysis, and pH optimization.

Spring Discounts With Royal Greens

With the start of spring underway, Royal Greens is offering a discount on all three of our effective and comprehensive programs. Click on the deal for each one to learn more about each specific program.

Looking for Organic Lawn Care?

Royal Greens also offers organic lawn care focused on fertilization and providing your lawn the nutrients it needs. For more information on our organic lawn care, please visit our lawn care page or contact us.

Hurry! The above specials will not last forever, and our spots are booking up fast. Call 301-831-3731 or contact us today. To learn more about Royal Greens and get to know us more intimately, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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