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Frederick, MD Lawn Care Guide

If your goal is a thick, green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, this guide is for you. Although a professional lawn care company has both the experience and resources available to provide the primary care for your lawn, there are a few things that you as a homeowner can do to enhance the look of your lawn and the performance of professional applications. Some steps, however, are better left to the professionals at Royal Greens, who provide premier lawn care services in Frederick, MD that will keep your lawn thriving from the soil up.

Don’t go overboard with mowing and watering your lawn

Just like other living organisms, your lawn has specific needs. Getting a green lawn is a science project; it requires more than just the occasional watering and handful of seeds. Mowing is an important part of proper lawn care in Frederick, MD and promotes health of your grass if done correctly. It is important to mow on the higher settings, mowing too short encourages faster, unhealthy growth and promotes weed germination. Using a dull blade can discolor the lawn and promote disease. The same goes for watering your lawn; too much water for your lawn is actually a bad thing and encourages the spread of fungus. Improper watering is worse than not watering at all! Watering isn’t necessary for a successful lawn program but can help your lawn get through the dog days of summer.

Reminder: If watering, we recommend you water your lawn 2-3 times a week rather than daily. Watering deeply promotes deep roots. When it is above 90 degrees the requirements for watering do go up so keep this in mind if you have an irrigation system or water on a timer. If you start to water stick with it, watering trains your root system to expect the water. Take that away and it can cause damage to your lawn.

Seeding and Aeration are best left to the experts

Although proper mowing, watering, and fertilization of your lawn are of the utmost importance, Slit Seeding and Aeration are also vital parts of lawn care in Frederick that people may not be aware of. Aeration involves extracting cores of soil to allow air and water to penetrate the roots of your lawn. This helps break up thatch and gives your roots the nutrients that allow them to grow deeply and produce a stronger, more healthy lawn. Slit Seeding in conjunction with Aeration or done by itself keeps your grass looking young and healthy. Slit Seeding thickens your lawn up and helps to crowd out weeds naturally. It also introduces better types of grasses into your lawn, Tall Fescues are the heartiest grass types in our areas. Because the technique for Slit Seeding is very involved in order to be effective, it is best to let a professional lawn care company in Frederick, MD handle it.

Get the Royal Treatment with Royal Greens

The truth of the matter is hiring a professional lawn care service in Frederick can be time and money better spent for you and your lawn. Professional lawn care companies have access to the safest products on the market that are also Bay Friendly. Here at Royal Greens, our mantra is HEALTHY TURF = HEALTHY EARTH. Not only do we use products that are safe for both your children and your pets, we pride ourselves on creating lawns that are so green and naturally healthy that they actually encourage the health of the environment on their own!

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