Weed Control & Prevention Services in Damascus, MD

Weed Control Services in Damascus, MD

Royal Greens provides environmentally friendly lawn care and weed control services in Damascus, MD. Our organic-based fertilizers and personalized service can get your yard looking greener and more lush than ever!

Crabgrass Control and Extermination

Crabgrass is a summer annual grassy weed. This means the plant itself only survives for a season. Towards the end of its growing season, usually July-August, it will produce seeds. The seeds will mature on the plant and fall off onto the ground. The seeds will remain in the soil until the following spring. Once soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees and if there is adequate soil moisture and sun light, the seeds will germinate to start the life cycle all over. To prevent the seeds from germinating, a pre-emergent should be applied before the seeds germinate. This is why it is important to apply the pre-emergent in the early spring. Our core aeration will also breathe life back into your lawn after we get rid of the unwanted weed growth.

Japanese Stilt Grass

In recent years Japanese stilt grass has become very prevalent in and near the Montgomery County area. This summer-annual grassy weed differs from crabgrass in that it germinates earlier in the spring and it likes a more shaded environment. It commonly can be found encroaching into lawns from wooded areas. Control of Japanese stilt grass is more difficult than crabgrass. There are fewer materials labeled for its control and they are less effective. The pros at Royal Greens know how to tackle this hard to control weed, along with many others, so contact us today to keep your lawn looking its best all season long!

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