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Does your lawn Feel the Heat?

Maryland Weather

It’s been a crazy year for weather so far. It feels like it was warmer in March than it has been in May. However, this week is pulling in high numbered temperatures that indicate summer is around the corner. With the weather being as unstable as its been, we are noticing some winter weeds lasting further into the year than normal. Insect and disease activity are just now starting to pick up. Every year Mother Nature provides us with new challenges, this year being no different.


Weeds are always our customer’s #1 concern. We are currently in the process of doing our Late Spring Application. For most of you this will be the 1st weed control application since last fall. This time of year, we are getting hit with the perennial weeds, the winter annuals and now the summer annual weeds. Don’t worry… our weed control treatments help with all of them!

When it comes to weeds, there are many types and different types of control depending on the type of weed. We get asked a lot about other types of weeds and why they can’t be controlled with regular methods. It boils down to the type of plant. Broadleaf Weeds like clover, dandelions, violets, chickweed, etc. can be controlled with a regular post-emergent broadleaf weed control. This means that the material works after the plant has germinated and begun to grow. Pre-emergent materials like what we use for crabgrass are not very effective against broadleaf weeds. These Broadleaf weeds are weeds that we are able to control under our Essential Care Program.

There are also perennial grassy weeds like Bermudagrass and Nimblewill. These grasses can be controlled but they take certain materials and a certain application schedule to control them. Since they are a perennial grass, a pre-emergent has no effect of the grassy weed like it would on crabgrass. We do offer services to help remove Bermudagrass and Nimblewill from a lawn. These applications are something that is best done over the summer and then the lawn will be seeded in the fall.

Japanese Stilt grass is quickly becoming a problematic weed in lawns in our area. I call it “shady crabgrass”, not because of any back alley deals but because it loves shade and tree lines. You can find it out in the sun but usually that is when it is near an area along tree lines. In Japan, this grows as an underbrush in the forest areas, it grows so quickly and prolific that it is used as packaging material. Our pre-emergent does offer some suppression but if you have it on your property then you will typically see some breakthrough in the lawn. We can control it through post-emergent applications and we have had very good success in doing so.

If you have questions about weeds or other issues in your lawn, please contact us for help.


We have had a lot of overcast, cool and rainy days this month as well. These kinds of days make for great conditions for disease to bloom. Red Thread is affecting lawns in our area right now. Red thread is a disease that can last from spring to fall in lawns. It gets its name from the red to pink colored mycelium it creates on the grass. As conditions warm up and dry out, the grass can recover naturally as conditions change. If you find it unsightly and have a desire to control it, we do offer a 3 application treatment schedule to help your lawn recover from the disease. Treatment will provide your grass an opportunity to recover more quickly from the disease. While diseases never fully go away, we can keep the disease from spreading and allow the affected grass to recover.

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If you find your lawn is riddled with weeds or if you notice you have Red Thread in your lawn, do not hesitate to call our lawn technicians. We will go over treatments that are personalized to fit your lawns needs so it can be back to the lush, green, healthy lawn it should be.
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