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Best Methods To Rid Your Lawn of Weeds in Mount Airy, MD

Weeds are an inevitable struggle for every homeowner hoping to nurture a beautiful, green lawn in Mount Airy, MD. Not only are they unsightly, they rob your precious turf, shrubs and crops of water, nutrients and sunlight, stifling the potential of your lawn to become as beautiful as you’d hoped for the summer season! Fighting them requires knowhow… read on to learn how to rid your Mount Airy lawn of pesky weeds!

Identify the Weed

We make sure that to use the right weed controls in our lawn care services in Mount Airy to control the weeds that are out at specific times of the year. It all starts with identification and knowledge of the plants life cycle. We take all this into account when selecting weed control products and the times of the year to treat.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed High

Keeping your lawn mowed at a height of 3 to 3 ½ inches helps to decrease weed pressure from the weed seeds in your soil. Shading the turf doesn’t allow sunlight to reach the soil which encourages weed seed germination. This is a very critical part of effective weed control. Even the best control products can’t compete against low mowed lawns. FYI, some push mowers only go up to about 2 ½ inches so make sure you have them set on the highest setting possible.

Focus on the Health of Your Grass

Experts agree that the most effective weed treatment is to focus on the holistic health of your lawn, year round. A thick, lush lawn in Mount Airy, MD that is properly fed and maintained is your best defense against weeds. No lawn is ever totally safe, giving your lawn what it needs to promote vitality and growth, even in the offseason, and proactively fighting against weeds with post-emergent products is the most proven method to decrease weeds. A professional lawn service in Mount Airy that uses research driven and tailored application to meet the needs of Maryland lawn is the way to a weed free lawn.

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