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Are Termites Active In The Winter?

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how to get rid of termites in winterAccording to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, on average, termites do more damage to homes than all fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and windstorms combined. That’s a lot of damage! The termite species that is indigenous to Maryland is the Eastern Subterranean termite (Reticulitermes flavipes). This species alone has caused millions of dollars worth of damage to homes in Maryland, so knowing how to protect your home from them is critical.

Fact of the matter is termites are still active during the winter months. And while winter does bring some change into their daily routine, they’re still active and they can still cause extensive damage to your home if you’re not prepared.

The Termites Dig Deep For Winter

Because termites are cold-blooded pests, they need to go where the cold isn’t. They can’t fly south, but they can dig deep, and that’s exactly what they do. Living up to its name, the subterranean termite will dig deep into the soil to escape the cold during the winter months. So while they don’t hibernate or swarm during winter, they are still active, and they’re still a threat to your home.

Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Because your home provides the warmth and shelter these termites are looking for, finding them in your home from December-February is a possibility. Some of the most common signs of a termite infestation are:

  • Mud Tubes – These are tubes created by subterranean termites to bridge their colony to their food source. They consist of soil and wood and are commonly found in basements and crawlspaces.
  • Termite droppings – After consuming wood, termite droppings will often be left behind. These droppings are very small (1mm in length), and they look like sawdust, or tiny grains of salt and pepper.
  • Damage in the walls and foundation  

Termites don’t take a break in the winter, and neither should you. Just because these signs may not be as common, it doesn’t mean you’re termite-free. The possibility of an infestation is still there!

One of the best ways to protect your home from termites is to call the professionals at Royal Greens. Our experts will come to your home and perform a thorough termite inspection. If found, an immediate plan will be put into place to not only eliminate any current termites, but to also prevent any possibility of a future infestation.

Call us today at (301) 831-3731 to hear more about our latest termite technology, and how we can help you take back your home from these pests for good!