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5 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Lawn in Frederick

Every community has “those lawns.” You know, the ones that are bright green, with carpet-like thickness, trimmed and kept with precision year after year. You think, “Why doesn’t my lawn look like that?” Truth is, maintaining a healthy lawn in Frederick, MD takes time and know-how. The better truth is, it is within your reach! To get you started, here are five steps to your most lush lawn yet.

Step 1: Feed Your Soil, Not Just Your Grass

Feeding your lawn is very important to encourage healthy growth and reduce weed populations. Small feedings throughout the season is healthier and more sustainable than 1-2 big feedings. The incorporation of organic matter and bio-stimulants in to a fertilizer regimen “wakes up” your soil. Soil has living components that help your lawn stay healthy through periods of stress and reduce the risk of disease and certain insect activity. Healthy soils make your grass much more effective and efficient at up-taking nutrients and oxygen. Soil rich in Organic Matter also have a much higher moisture retention rate.

Step 2: Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Weeds compete with your turf for water, sunshine, and nutrients. Because we have perennial, cold and warm season weeds are an ever-present competition for healthy grass in Maryland. To beat weeds while encouraging the health of your turf, treatments need to be applied at the appropriate time and, ideally, in combination with whatever fertilizer is best for your lawn at that time of year. Pre-emergent crabgrass control should be applied in spring, followed by successive treatments throughout the summer and fall for broadleaf weeds. Without weeds, your lawn will be better positioned to grow thick and green in the harsh summer conditions.

Step 3: Know How to Mow

Mow only as often as necessary, cutting no more than one third of your turf’s height at any given time. This encourages the depth of the roots while shading the soil from the harmful heat. Be careful not to mow too frequently during periods of drought, as this increases the stress your lawn already experiences in the summer. A proper mowing height for grass in the Frederick area is 3 ½ inches. You also want to alternate your mowing pattern in 4 different directions to train the grass to grow more upright.

Step 4: Keep pH in Check

pH is a measure of how acid or alkaline a substance is, a measure that, for soil, is crucially important to monitor and regulate because it influences the availability of the essential nutrients your grass needs to thrive. Nutrients are at their optimum availability when your soil pH is in the range of 6 and 7. To correct soil pH levels in Maryland, which tend to become more acidic than is ideal for lawn health, the addition of lime is your best solution.

Step 5: Control Grubs

Common in Frederick and surrounding cities, grubs, or white grubs, are small, worm-like creatures that are the immature stage of beetles. They feed on your grass’ roots and cause sections to brown and die. Grub damage will first appear in late summer or early fall. Common signs of grub-infestation include brown patches that do not turn green even after fertilization, or frequent sightings of birds, skunks or raccoons, which dig for and feed off grubs. If you’re aware of any of these symptoms, your yard should be treated as soon as possible. Better yet, employ a preventative grub control treatment to ensure grubs never make your soil their home in the first place!

Lawn Care Service in Frederick, MD

At Royal Greens, we’re passionate about you, your lawn, and creating a healthy environment in Frederick. That’s why we say HEALTHY TURF = HEALTHY EARTH. By keeping your lawn in optimum health, your lawn traps toxins and pollutants in the air that would otherwise get into Maryland’s waterways.

Remember that lawn care is an exact science. While a beautiful lawn is well worth the investment, keeping your Frederick lawn in pristine condition involves a lot of time and effort, which we know you want to devote to your family and other activities throughout the year! With Royal Greens, you can have the best of both worlds.  Our customized lawn treatment program will give your lawn the Royal Treatment, taking care of your lawn’s needs to give you the jaw-dropping turf you desire. With our lawn care service in Frederick you can be proud of your property and still have ample time for everything else in your life!

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