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3 Winter Tasks to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready

As winter sets in, some gardeners are closing up shop and hunkering down to endure the long, cold months ahead. Instead of waiting out winter with nothing to do, take the time to get a jump on your summer garden. Here are 3 winter tasks you can do to get your garden summer-ready:

Make a Plan

Why wait until spring to start thinking about your garden plan? Grab a catalog and start designing your dream garden when you’re stuck indoors! Pick out which flowers, vegetables, or other plants you want to focus on this year. Come up with a color scheme for your flowers. Or pick out the vegetables you know your family will want to eat (and maybe some others just for kicks). Also, figure out the best spot in your garden to plant each species according to their individual needs for sunlight, water, space, etc. If you’re stuck for ideas, turn to Pinterest to get some inspiration.

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Don’t just leave it in your head, though. Write it down and make an official plan. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry put it, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” If you didn’t get to do everything you wanted last year for your garden, now might be the time to spend a few hours drawing up your dream garden and figuring out how to make it all happen this year.

Update the Structure

Winter is also an ideal time to take advantage of a barren garden. This allows you to evaluate the structure of your garden and make any changes based on what worked in the past and what did not.

Want to add raised flower beds? Work on building out the frames now, so you are ready come spring. Want to add stone features or fencing around the garden? Or update the irrigation system? Working on the structure now while the vegetation is dormant means you don’t have to concern yourself when the vegetation does reemerge. Plants, bugs, and rodents, will all be out of the way so you can work freely on some of the major projects. When spring does roll around, you’ll have the bones in place and can focus your time on preparing the soil and planting seedlings.

Organize Your Workspace

During summer, the daily rush to get everything watered, weeded, and harvested means garden tool organization can go out the window, making your tools unpleasing to a neighbor’s eyes. Pots, bags of soils, gloves, and other tools all need to be readily available to whip out on any given day during the summer. If your tools were sprawled out across the lawn or taking up space in your garage (instead of your cars), winter is a good time to plan purchase or build a shed to store those tools.

If last year you were potting on your kitchen table, or on the ground, maybe consider investing in an outdoor work table. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a greenhouse to start planting early without consuming your indoor windowsills. A little bit of organization now goes a long way and, by the time summer gets here, you can get back to enjoying the harvest.

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